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How to put this simply? I am a single mumma to a teenage son, and I’m building my own mumpire. Yup, that sounds about right. So, being productive and having structure is literally my life. If I don't have structure, shit hits the fan, and it all falls apart.

Hi there,
I'm Leah

Quit being overwhelmed
Together we are going to slay those procrastination demons - and start to see the tree through the fog!

You have enough trouble being a mum, being a wife/partner, a daughter. Now you are going to throw being a business owner into the mix. I GET IT!

So let's figure out why you are overwhelmed and start cutting the sh*t!  


Why work with me?

Make no mistake. Being productive takes work! But I am here to make the transition from pulling your hair out to sipping a G&T on the beach (or in the kiddie pool) a lot quicker and easier. Plus, we’ll have heaps of fun along the way, too!

Work smarter, not harder
No this isn't a one liner that I use to tell my lover when he hits the wrong spot. 

It's what all my clients are taught when it comes to running a business that is here for the long haul.

What you set-up now will save you, hundreds if not thousands of hours in the future.

Take no prisoners attitude
I've said it before and I will say it again - I am not here to be your best friend. I am here to help you get sh*t done.

I will be that annoying two year old asking questions, prodding for more information and being really needy.

But if you trust the process - it will all be worth it. I promise!

It’s slay-o’clock. Let’s start growing your business and create the life you want today!

Turns out, I’ve got a knack for getting sh*t done and helping others to be productive. (I don’t call myself The Productivity Queen for nothing.) Using my passion and creativity, I help women in business to succeed in doing the same thing. Everyone can channel their Inner Productivity Queen!

After spending some 15 years in corporate, I realised that I didn't want my future to be in the hands of someone else. So I set out to create a business that would fuel the life that I wanted. 

I'm obsessed with
helping all people
Get Shit Done!

Hola b!tches 👋🏻
You can do anything, but not everything - so f#cking stop trying!

How I Like To Relax

Ocean swim

Favorite Drink


Favorite Season


Dream Vacation


Son & Puppy

Charlie & Frankie

Favorite TV Show

SChitt's creek &
The Office

6 Random Facts


Spend 30 mins on a Sunday afternoon and set-up your entire week.
Less Stress 🤯
More Productivity 🤓

Sunday Set-Up for Success


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